Designer Spotlight: EOOS Design

Designer Spotlight: EOOS Design

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September 30, 2019

“For us, design is a poetic discipline,” says Gernot Bohmann, one of the three men who make up EOOS, a world-renowned design firm based in Austria.

EOOS was founded in 1995 by Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann and Harald Gründl. The three had met while studying at the College of Applied Art in Vienna before deciding to open a studio together. While their projects and clients vary greatly from one another, ranging from furniture pieces to kitchens and beauty products, EOOS approaches each project from the same angle: Poetical Analysis.

Poetical Analysis is the term the group uses to describe their methods when solving complex design problems. “At the start of a project, we not only analyze the theme from current perspectives, but we also research into its roots in the past,” their website states. Diving deep into a company’s history, for example when working with brands, EOOS searches out the “intuitive images, myths and rituals engraved deeply in the human consciousness.”

As of today, the trio have gone on to create new concepts in product and retail design for some of the world’s most well-known brands, including bulthaup, Walter Knoll, Herman Miller, Carl Hansen & Søn, Adidas and Armani Beauty. Take a look at some of our favorite EOOS creations.

bulthaup b2 is inspired by the golden rule of craftsmanship: Tools and materials must always be kept tidy and close at hand. This unique organizational principle turns kitchens into workshops with an abundance of freedom to move around.

An ingenuous union of craftsmanship and industrial materials. Using a minimum of materials in a maximally inventive way, Herman Miller’s Crosshatch Chair and Ottoman are lightweight and transparent, extremely easy to pull up for a desk-side chat, or to relax around a cocktail table.

Walter Knoll’s Jaan Living is cosmopolitan elegance for a modern lifestyle. EOOS’s goal for this product was to make it versatile enough that it can be used for short spells of daydreaming, extensive reading sessions, TV-watching or afternoon napping.

Carl Hansen & Søn’s collaboration with EOOS on the Embrace collection evolved from a mutual respect for craftsmanship, quality and design. The Embrace lounge chair is a mark of comfort and sculptural expression.

As part of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Next-Generation Toilets challenge, EOOS designed “a toilet that works everywhere, from the slums of Kampala to a millionaire’s weekend home in the country,” according to Harald Gründl. EOOS collaborated with Eawag, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, to present their concept in Seatle in 2012.

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